Simple Tips to Reduce Winter Sports Injury

As the cold sets in, many of us trade in our basketballs and tennis rackets for skis, snowboards, and ice skates. Winter is the perfect time for fun and games in the cold. However, a few simple steps are crucial to preventing or reducing sports injury.


Always Bring A Buddy. Having someone with you to keep account of your whereabouts can prevent you from getting hurt and stranded in the snow. It’s also a lot more fun to play sports with a friend or in a group!

Wear the Right Gear. Make sure that all equipment fits and works properly to ensure you’re protected from possible impact and have proper support for your body and joints.

Be Aware. It’s important to excise extreme caution and be aware of your surroundings. Pay close attention to all signs and notices, debris, cracks, or holes in the ground that may be a hazard; and any fatigue or body pain that could be a sign of injury.


Though winter sports can differ drastically in how and where they are played, these simple tips can help people 1 year or older and abilities stay safe – regardless of how they choose to enjoy the cold and snow.