Keep a Heads Up this Sports Season!

Fall is almost here which means kids in school will be starting sports soon! We here at AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst encourage parents to push their children into sports. Sports have a positive effect on kids as they are growing up. Sports give kids a group of friends, increase activity & teach responsibility. However, if a child is doing sports there is a chance they might get hurt! Use these tips to keep your child off the sidelines this sports season & stay on the field!

Always stretch

A very important part in all sports is to remember to stretch while playing a sport. Stretching helps keep the muscle fibers relaxed & flexible. This is important while playing any sport that has to do a lot with physical activity.  Muscle fibers need to warm up while doing any kind of movement, a sudden strain on them could result in a pull or tear. The best method to avoid injury is to stretch after warming the muscles up.

Wear protective gear

When playing a contact game, certain gear is required. It is important to always use that gear when you are playing. This includes practicing,  pre-game/ after the game. Injuries happen when the gear is worn incorrectly or is outdated. Wearing old gear that is faulty is just as dangerous as wearing no gear at all.


Playing sports use up not only energy but also fluids from your body. Staying hydrated is one the most important things to do while expending energy sweet. While playing sports the body loses water.  If the body loses more water than it can take it then will become dehydrated. Some injuries that can happen from dehydration are:

  • Fainting
  • irregular heartbeat
  • seizure

If you have any questions or have a child who has been injured in a sports accident please feel free to call us now at https: 201.345.3839.