Don’t be blue because of the Flu

September is nearing the end & the weather has started to change. Unfortunately, this means summer is officially over & flu season has started! Flu season ranges from early September to the end of December! We here at AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst will like to make sure that you all stay away from the flu this year! Read below to learn some important tips!

Get your flu shot

The most effective way of beating the flu is by getting your flu shot. Flu shots can be found at any of your local urgent cares & are usually very cost effective. The flu shot is different from your standard vaccination. It is a common misconception that you only need to get your flu shot once. This is not true however, the flu comes back every year in a different strand. This means even if you got the flu shot the year before you will still have to get it again this year as well.

Sanitation techniques

The flu shot is the best way to avoid getting the flu, however, it is not 100% effective. It is still possible to get infected. AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst would like to remind you to use some sanitation techniques during this flu season. If you commute to work & take public transportation, you are exposed to millions of germs a day! It Some ways to avoid direct exposure are:

  • Don’t use public handrails
  • Be aware of where you are sitting
  • Carry around a hand sanitizer
  • Stay away from people who look infected.

School sanitation techniques

If you have a child in school odds are there have already been some cases of the flu. A couple tips to help your child stay away from the flu are:

  • Don’t share water/food
  • Wash hands before & after every meal
  • Do not share clothes
  • Do not come in contact with those infected

The flu is most rapid in school systems because of the number of people in one condensed space. It is important that the whole family gets flu shots! If you or anyone you know still needs a flu shot come on down to AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst today!