3 Tips to Follow When Washing Your Hands

AFC Urgent Care hope you are getting festive for the holidays this October! However, ghost & ghouls aren’t the only things you should be scared of this Halloween; It is still flu season! Flu season is from early Septemeber- mid-December, if you still need to get your flu shot, you should get it immediately! If you have already gotten your flu shot you are still not safe from the flu for the rest of the year! A great way of staying away from the flu is to wash your hands. Unfortunately washing your hands is a little more complex than we make it out to be here are some tips you should follow when washing your hands.

1. Wash your hands often

If you wash your hands 5 times a day that is not enough.  Your hands acquire thousands of germs a day just by everyday activities. Not all germs can prove to be harmful, actually 87% of germs our body can fend off effortlessly. However, you do come across some virus’s that could be potentially dangerous such as the flu virus. Some instances in which you should know washing your hands should be:

  • After you pet an animal
  • Playing outside
  • Shaking hands with someone who may be sick
  • Using public transportation

If you’re thinking about not being to wash your hands because no sink is around an alternative is hand sanitizer! you can take it on the go.

2. Wash your hands correctly

You are never too old to learn a good hand sanitation technique. When you wash your hands it is much more than just throwing water on your hands for a couple of seconds & then shaking them off. When you wash your hands make sure to use warm water. Warm water is known to kill viruses, you should also use the correct amount of soaps. Some soaps are made to clean objects rather than skin so be sure you are using the right one!

3. Wash your hands for the correct amount of time

If you are the type of person who washes there hands for 10 seconds you are not going to protect yourself from any type of bacteria. Hands washing should be between 30-45 seconds, if you need help just remember to wash your hands for as long as it would take to sing happy birthday!

We hope these tips will help you keep the flu away from you this season!