Make sure to fight off Holiday Allergies

The most beautiful time of the year is here again, & the Holidays are the time of the year when most of us are taking some time off of work to go home & be with our family, loved ones & friends. Nobody wants to be dealing with allergies while they are the ones enjoying the holidays. AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst is here to give some tips on how to not only stay ahead of allergies this winter but also put them aside so you can go enjoy your holiday!


If you find yourself sneezing a lot inside or, feeling like you allergies get worse inside of your house then you should start checking your home for mold. Mold grows in warm, damp places, some places you should check are under your sink, your drain in the shower, corners that are near water like under the fridge or in the basement. Prolonged exposure to mold could lead to some severe health issues that’s why it is essential to check for mold frequently especially in the winter months.

Air inside

The dryness of the air inside of your house could also tribute to your allergies, by leaving you with a dry & scratchy throat. In the winter time, we tend to spend more time inside with the heat on. Going the weather on all day can lead to the air in your home to be very dry. One way to get over this is to purchase a humidifier, to add some water in the air, so it is not so to try & irritating.


Ragweed is a type of pollen that can be found in trees, leaves, bushes & just about anything that has to do with plantlife outside. Ragweed lasts all year & tends to be the thing that most people are allergic too when they have year-round allergies. An excellent way to avoid ragweed is to make sure that you leave it outside, We mean that you should go your shoes at the door & wipe yourself down before you enter your home. This will help the chances of ragweed not spreading around your house. Another way to protect yourself from ragweed outside of your house is too wear a mask when you are doing chores outside. By blocking your nose & mouth, you are giving yourself less of a chance to inhale the ragweed particles & give yourself more of an allergic reaction.