2019 Fitness Tips

2019 has just begun, but fitness is already trending! New year’s resolutions only scratch the surface of the fitness craze that’s expected to continue this year. With the fitness trend taking off, knowing when and how to hop on board is intimidating. 2019 is the year of breaking traditional fitness barriers – check out some of these fun ways you can stay on trend this year!

Get Fit Without A Gym

Gym membership fees and the fear of working out around strangers has kept people from getting fit for years, but that isn’t an excuse anymore. Home workouts are on the rise and accessing them is easier than ever! You can begin your home workout today with little to no equipment in one of these ways:

  • A workout app – most of them only use your own body weight or a few free weights.
  • DVD programs
  • Online streaming services for fitness videos
  • Free workout videos on YouTube

As you get more invested in your physical health, you may decide to spend in a home gym or more advanced equipment, but anybody can begin getting fit at home in 2019! No matter how much or how little space and money you have!

Streamlined Training Programs

Training programs on treadmills, bikes, and other workout equipment are more advanced now than ever before. Many workout machines allow you to view the course your running, walking, or biking, on a realistic screen. As you watch the landscape change, the device will reflect the terrain and elevation you see. This level of smart training has allowed many people to enjoy their fitness journey more than they ever thought possible!

Tracking Every Aspect of Your Health

Smartwatches and fitness bands continue to advance and update their abilities. From heart rate tracking to hydration levels and sleep tracking, you can evaluate every aspect of your physical health in the palm of your hand. The trend of this technology is continuing to gain in popularity in 2019 and likely for years to come! People want accurate metrics more than ever before. If you haven’t already gotten on board with this health tech trend, now’s the time! The features included in these tracking systems can be especially helpful if you’re new to fitness, facing a plateau, or feeling unmotivated. Being able to see how much you accomplish in the gym and at home, each day creates a sense of pride in waking up the next day to do it all again.