Vitamin IV’s: Beneficial or Just Another Trend?

The latest trend in the world of elective health procedures is vitamin IV infusions. We decided to take a closer look at the trend to learn a little more about the process, potential benefits, and actual evidence supporting those claims. Before you set up an appointment and begin shelling out hundreds of dollars for a vitamin IV, you’ll want to read this!

What Is It?

A vitamin IV is a treatment administered directly into your bloodstream. The injection of vitamins are bypassing the digestive system, the traditional way that vitamins are acquired, to supposedly give quicker and more effective results. Vitamin IV services are available in your home or in a clinic or office setting, depending on the provider you choose.

How Does it Work?

At your appointment, a registered nurse will start an IV in your arm or hand. You can choose from a variety of vitamin packages, each containing a different mixture of nutrients for your body. Once you’ve chosen, the IV bag containing the vitamins will be hooked up to your IV, and then you wait. The process takes less than an hour, which is one reason why many celebrities and busy individuals turn to the treatment.

Does it Work?

Vitamin IV’s claim to cure hangovers, give an energy boost, improve mental clarity, improve sleep, and so much more. If all of that sounds too good to be true, it’s because it probably is. For the average, healthy individual, the number of vitamins and minerals your body needs can easily be acquired through a healthy diet. Some exceptions to this include vegans and vegetarians who lack vitamin B-12 in their diet. While a vitamin IV may help to rehydrate the body quickly, you will ultimately be paying for expensive vitamins your body doesn’t really need. When your body sees an excess of vitamins, it flushes them out through your urine. That means you may literally be peeing out the money you just spent! Some vitamins, including vitamin A, can even be harmful to the body if you receive too much of them.

Some people can benefit from vitamin IV’s, but it isn’t the majority. Those suffering from celiac disease or other conditions that inhibit their ability to receive vitamins and minerals properly in their digestive system are the ideal patient of vitamin IV services. The trend continues to take over the world of celebrity and normal people alike, but it isn’t one worth wasting your money on!