How to fight allergies in the workplace

Spring is finally here and after a long winter! Spring may be, but unfortunately, this means allergy season is back! If you suffer from allergies, then you know this time of the year can be challenging. Things such as taking a walk, going outside or even going to work can turn into a hassle. AFC Urgent Care Lynhurst is here to give you some pointers on beating allergies in the workplace this year!

Why Allergies Flare up at work

Do you ever wonder why you get intense allergies at work? Sometimes you may get worse allergies at work then you would feel at home. Allergies at work can make it hard to be productive, stay focused, & can be distracting to nearby coworkers. Here are some things you should look out for that could be giving you allergies at work.

Exposure from ventilation

Allergies are airborne, which means if they are in the same air, you are breathing then you can be affected by them. Office buildings can sometimes have a weak ventilation system that will pull in the allergies from outside and circulate them around the office. Once the pollen infested air is in the office, there will not be much you can do to avoid your allergies.

Exposure being brought in

Commuting to work can lead to bringing a lot of pollen from the outside into your work environment. Public transportation is one of the top ways infections can spread, as well as allergies. The pollen from someone’s house can be on their jacket, and it can rub off on you if they walk past you.

HEPA filter

A HEPA filter is an air filter that will remove pollen from the air around you. This can be a solution for beating the allergies at the workplace! Another way to beat pollen in the workplace is to wear clothing that will be less likely to grab onto pollen as you go on with your day. Anything cotton is less absorbent to pollen materials; clothes that are made of polyester have the opposite effect on pollen. AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst hopes this article will help you beat pollen this year!