How can your children get fast, updated Sport and Camp Physicals?

Summer is just around the corner, which means your child may likely need an updated sport or camp physical before participating in any recreational activities. Even if your child completed a physical in the prior year, they may likely need an updated exam.

However, parents may not understand that sport and camp physicals also provide a valuable healthcare service for their children. Many of these exams help children determine if they are healthy to participate in school sports, summer camp, or other activities. In addition, an updated physical could potentially flag any new complications before they participate in a new sport.

So what can parents do about sport and camp physicals? What should you do to prepare before the child’s exam, to make the process as efficient as possible?

What should you do to prepare for a child’s sport and camp physical?

Before your child gets an updated sport and camp physical you’ll want to be ready with any important health updates. This is especially important if your child has already completed their annual physical with a PCP or similar professional. In between physicals, your child may have developed a new medical condition that could impact their ability to safely play sports.

A couple of important pieces of health information to bring to your child’s DOT physical includes:

  • Any allergies both new and old since your child’s last physical exam
  • Any developing chronic conditions or other serious health ailments including asthma
  • A review of pertinent health information including height, weight, and other physical characteristics
  • Any use of medication or prescriptions used to treat any diseases, ailments, or similar health concerns

How to Sport and Camp Physicals assist my child? Where can I get them completed?

Sport and camp physicals are required for your child to enjoy summer activities including organized sports, summer camp, and similar recreational programs.

However, the main reason that physicals are required is so staff members can help protect your child during organized activity. For example, a camp counselor or athletic trainer uses the information from a sport or camp physical exam to know about allergies or other potential risks.

Getting your child an updated sport or camp physical usually requires a medical appointment. But parents should know that an urgent care center or local walk-in clinic are great places to get physicals for their kids!

An urgent care center is staffed with medical providers that can accept patients on a walk-in basis, without the need for an appointment! Your child will get their physical completed on the same day, which lets them enjoy the summer fun ASAP!