Summer Habits to Pick Up On

Summer is a time when many people begin making healthier choices. There’s something about the sunshine and warm weather that helps create healthy habits. While those summer habits are great, they don’t have to stop just because the weather cools down! Start incorporating these healthy habits this summer and then continue them all year round.

Shopping in Season

A common excuse for not eating healthy is the cost. While healthy foods can be more expensive than processed foods, they don’t have to be. Check out the adds at your local grocery store to see what fruits and vegetables are in season. Typically, in-season produce will be on sale! You can even stock up on extra and freeze the produce for a later time. Shopping in season is a beautiful way to explore new foods when they’re at their peak freshness, best taste, and lowest price.


Most people know to use sunscreen on a day at the beach, but it should actually be a part of your daily routine. Even on cloudy and overcast days, the UV rays from the sun are damaging your skin. Just because you won’t be spending a whole day outside, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your skin! Use a daily SPF with a value of at least 15. You should use a lip balm that contains SPF to protect the sensitive skin on your lips too. Sunglasses are the most effective way to protect the skin around your eyes and your eyes themselves.

Keep Moving

Most people are more active during the warm summer months. While it’s understandable not to want to go outside the rest of the year, that’s no excuse to be sedentary. Get up and walk around during the day, even if it’s just for a few minutes! Standing desks are a great way to make your desk job more active and a little less annoying. Walk around during your lunch break, and when it’s kind enough, you can begin your outdoor summer strolls once again!
Everybody always waits for the New Year to begin making healthy changes, but now is the time! Summer encourages healthier habits, and the extra sunlight will even boost your mood. Doing something every day for just 2 weeks is enough to form a habit. That means that if you start today, 2 weeks from now it will almost be second nature!