Why Lab Testing at AFC Urgent Care is Important

Urgent care centers have become a great alternative to traditional treatment at a hospital, but they’re not just for immediate treatment anymore! AFC Urgent care center can complete lab testing you need to be done. We are able to complete the same tests as a hospital, but they’re able to do so in less time at a lower price.

Why Do You Need Lab Testing?

Many people question why lab testing is so important. Lab testing can be used in one of two ways:
1. Identify Current Health Conditions – lab tests give your doctor a look at your body from the inside. Blood and urine can provide a detailed look at your health and illnesses so that your doctor knows what the best treatment method is.
2. Prevent Future Illness – sometimes, lab work is used to identify risks of disease in the future. For instance, pre-diabetes is identified through blood work. Once a patient knows they’re at risk, they’re able to take steps to prevent or prepare for the illness with their physician.

Blood Work

Blood work is one form of lab testing that urgent care will perform. A CBC, or complete blood count, is used to look for signs of infection, anemia, blood cancer, and disorders affecting the immune system. Another common form of blood work is the basic metabolic panel. This test looks at the function of your kidneys, liver, heart, bones, and more. If one area isn’t functioning correctly, your doctor can prescribe a medication to address it. A lipid panel is used to identify your risks for future illness. Stroke, heart attack, and vascular disease risk can all be gathered from a lipid panel.

Urine Samples

Another common form of lab testing is done at an urgent care is urine samples. Urine samples can be used to test for pregnancy, infection, drug use, and improper kidney function. Urine testing is done rapidly and offers results quicker than blood testing can.
Instead, your primary care physician has requested you get lab testing done, you need to confirm a pregnancy test, or you think somethings wrong, AFC urgent care is the place to go. Some urgent care centers are even able to offer imaging such as x-rays to save you a trip to the emergency room! If you want to learn more about your options for getting lab testing done at urgent care, give us a call at 201.345.3839, and we’ll review the basics with you!