How To Tell If Your Cut Needs Stitches

Accidents can happen at any time, from cooking dinner to opening mail to tripping on the sidewalk. While most injuries can be treated at home with antibacterial and a bandage, deep cuts and gashes may require stitches in order to make a full recovery and reduce the chance of infection. Follow these guidelines to see if your cut needs stitches!

Signs your cut will require stitches


Your cut may be deeper than it initially appears. While shallow cuts can be treated at home, any cut that’s over one quarter of an inch deep will probably require stitches in order to stop the bleeding and prevent an infection from forming.


if your cut is longer or wider than one inch, it should be evaluated by a professional to determine the proper care.

Where the cut is

Location plays a big part in the potential for infection and other complications. If you sustain a deep cut near your eye or one of your joints, you will most likely require stitches in order to stop the bleeding due to the thinner layer of skin protecting the area as well as to prevent it from getting infected, which can affect your eyesight or movement.

 Appearance of the cut

If you can see internal parts including tendon, bone and deep skin tissue, you should seek treatment as soon as possible to make sure further damage is not sustained.

Is it still bleeding?

If your wound is still bleeding after applying direct pressure for over 15 minutes, you should visit AFC Urgent Care for assessment. Even if the cut appears to be small and barely scratch the surface, it could be more serious than you initially realized. Receiving medical attention will be able to provide you with a full diagnosis and proper care to avoid complications.

Why is it important to see a doctor?

If your cut is deeper than you initially thought and needs stitches and you don’t visit your doctor, your risk of infection and complications rises exponentially. The chance of infection increases the longer the cut stays open. If it continues to bleed while you apply pressure, you should visit your local urgent care within the first 6-8 hours after injury. Stitches will help stop the bleeding, close the cut and reduce the amount of scar tissue that forms.

Cut & Injury Treatment in Lyndhurst, NJ

If you cut yourself, visit AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst for treatment! We will be able to perform an X-Ray to determine the depth of your cut before performing stitches to close the cut. Our center accepts walk-in patients seven days a week, with convenient evening and extended weekend hours. For questions, please call 201-345-3839.