Why Should I Get My Flu Shot Now?

Making sure your family is protected against the flu is important as we move into fall and winter looms on the horizon. Influenza is a highly contagious virus that is most common between October and May, peaking between January and March. While you can stay healthy by washing your hands frequently and getting enough rest, the most effective way to prevent contracting the flu is by getting your annual flu shot at AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst. Learn why now is the best time to get vaccinated!

Protection from the virus for most of the season

Flu season runs through the coldest months of the year, which means your immune system will become more vulnerable as your body adjusts to falling temperatures. By getting your flu shot in October, you will be able to be protected for the majority of the season, eliminating symptoms associated with the virus. The flu shot takes up to two weeks to take effect as your body learns how to defend against the dead strain, and waiting until you are well into the season can make you more vulnerable to contracting the flu before you are completely immunized. Getting your flu shot now also means that you’ll be protected for the majority of flu season, so you won’t need to worry about taking sick days off work.

You won’t need to worry about shortages

The flu vaccine is updated every year to match the current strain, which changes and evolves. Only a certain amount is made each year, and doctors, pharmacies and clinics can run out of the vaccination later in the season. By getting your flu shot now, you avoid running into the possibility of not being able to get one due to lack of availability. If a shortage begins, many clinics will only be able to provide the flu shot to high-risk patients including children, senior citizens, pregnant women and patients with compromised immune systems.

Less of a wait

As flu season progresses, the lines to get the shot get longer as people learn more about the current strain. By getting immunized now, you won’t have to worry about longer wait times than usual at our prompt walk-in urgent care center.

Flu Shots in Lyndhurst, NJ

If you are interested in getting your flu shot, don’t wait! Visit AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst today for a walk-in flu shot. Our center prides itself on short wait times made even shorter by checking in online to reserve your spot. For questions, please call 201-345-3839.