Coronavirus Antibody Testing in Lyndhurst, NJ

AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst is performing coronavirus antibody testing on asymptomatic patients seven days a week. The test, performed via a blood draw, is used to detect antibodies developed from past infection with coronavirus. Testing is done in our center with results available within a few days. Please wear a mask or face covering when visiting our center for testing.

Who can be tested for coronavirus antibodies?

Patients who have been asymptomatic (not experiencing a cough, fever, aches or congestion) in at least 14 days are eligible for antibody testing. Patients must be over the age of 15. 

Differences between diagnostic and antibody testing

Antibody testing is performed on asymptomatic patients and requires a blood test. It can only be used to detect past infection. Diagnostic testing is performed with a nasal swab and can detect the active COVID-19 virus.

What do the results of my antibody test mean?

Regardless of your results, you should still continue following local health and safety guidelines until they are completely lifted, including social distancing, protective face coverings and washing and sanitizing your hands frequently. For more information on how antibody results are being interpreted and any protection you may have, please continue to check the CDC website.
Positive: you have been exposed to coronavirus and have antibodies.
Negative: you have not been exposed to coronavirus and have not developed antibodies.