Earwax Cleaning in Lyndhurst, NJ

Earwax is a normal part of our bodies however when it builds up too much it could be a problem. It can lead to pain, dizziness, and other hearing problems. Cleaning your ears out with a cotton swab can lead to further damage. It’s best to seek medical attention when you get an ear problem, here at AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst, our physicians can assess your ear and use safe methods to remove excess wax.
If you are experiencing blockage & have trouble hearing or you have a ringing in your ears we can help you fix his issue! Some common symptoms we treat with our irrigation or ear syringing services include:

  •        Earache
  •        Fullness in the ear
  •        A clogged sensation
  •        Partial hearing loss
  •        Ringing, or noises in the ear
  •        Itching
  •        Odor
  •        Discharge
  •        Coughing

We provide ear cleaning services 7 days a week! We accept most major health insurances so feel free to contact us today!