Urgent Care vs. Retail Clinic Comparison

Patients looking for fast and convenient healthcare services may have noticed “retail clinics” starting to spring up in big box stores. Retail clinics are aimed to provide minor healthcare to people when they are out shopping or performing other errands.
However, these retail clinics are not a viable substitute for urgent care medical needs. Make sure you visit AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst for your urgent care needs.
Consumers may confuse both types of facilities, but it is important to know that urgent care centers provide significantly more comprehensive healthcare services than retail clinics. The types of services usually provided by retail clinics are for very minor needs. The main differences between urgent care and retail clinics include:
Retail Clinics: 

  • Staffed by nurse practitioners and medical aides
  • Equipment and capabilities are limited for only minor medical services
  • Limited resources to provide preventive care services
  • Open for limited hours based on their retail location

Urgent Care Centers: 

  • Staffed by board-certified physicians
  • Onsite equipment to provide comprehensive services including x-rays and lab testing
  • Able to provide screenings, blood pressure tests, and cholesterol screenings
  • Open convenient hours during normal business hours and weekends
  • Able to coordinate occupational health services with businesses small and large

Patients that want comprehensive urgent care services for a variety of medical needs should contact AFC Urgent Care Lyndhurst at 201.345.3839 or visit us at 560 New York Ave. in Lyndhurst, NJ.